What is better Xbox one or PlayStation 4

There has been Fan wars between PS4 and Xbox. Some say there is no replacement for gaming experience of PS4 while others prefer to disagree.  You might also be confused on which one buy, so this article will act as a savior. Following the information you will get to know which one is better and worth your money. As of now, Sony PS4 comes with two different variants, one is in the form of standard slim version and the other one is known as PS4 pro. The pro version is able to play 4K videos and while slim one is capable of HDR playback. While both the Xbox variants known as Xbox one S and Xbox one X are capable of playing 4k video

Price distribution

Xbox one and PS4 announced their price at the same month. Xbox one kept with the upgrades and came up with a new variant known as Xbox one X, while there have no upgrades from Sony for the PS4. This has caused a reduction in price for PS4 and increase in price of Xbox one X. so if you are in the looking for an affordable video gaming experience, then choosing a PS4 will be better option. Now if you have made your mind to stay in trend with the latest trend and updates of the gaming world then Xbox one X is the perfect fit.

Design and Hardware

Both have different set of hardware and software specifications, so it’s completely up to you on which one you like.  For instance the PS4 tends to be heavy since the hardware involved in it has quite some weight. In case of Xbox one X things are on the lighter side.  Meaning the developers of the Xbox one have reduced the heaviness of the hardware by cutting down the power brick and made use of more internal power. Coming to the software department both the versions of the Xbox offer 4k video experience. This is not the case of PS4, but there are enough games in the PS4 library that doesn’t need a 4k resolution to look good. In addition PS4 is smallest console that is available in the market right now.


Connectivity is one of the important factor that you need to consider, if you are planning g to buy a console. In Xbox, the setup is fairly simple. Both the variants have two inputs and HDMI ports. Once input is used for the connection with the satellite box and the other is used for the connection of TV. In case of PS4 both the variants has different set of features. One variant which is known as the pro has an audio outfit and the other does not.  One of the best highlights of PS4 is that the internal hard drives can be swapped with one and another according to the convenience of the user.in case of similarities of Xbox and PS4, both of them features Gigabit Ethernet support, Wi-Fi support and 802.11 ac support.

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